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The Krčić and Krka rivers make a unique hydrographic system with plenty of karst, hydrographic and morphological phenomena. The Krčić, which is ten kilometres long from its source to Topoljski Waterfall (the mouth of the Krka), features a deep and picturesquecanyon, which at its end abounds with nicely revealed flexures of geological layers dating back to the Triassic and Jurassic periods as well as with interesting denudational relief forms. In this canyon there are also travertine waterfalls and the most beautiful one is Topoljski Waterfall under which the Krka River rises. The Krčić also features a great diversity of habitats. Not only are there water habitats, swamps and wetlands near the river but also rocky grassland and scrubland on the slopes of the canyon. The flora of this area has not been fully explored. Among the species of this site there is a significant number of endemic, endangered and protected species.


In the geological history of the area Krka and Krčić used to be one river. Nowadays, in the summer the Krčić runs dry in order to give its life force to the Krka. If you ever end up in Suho polje (Dry Field) at the end of Napoleon Road, you will be able to see myriad endemic butterflies – Dalmatian Ringlets.