Significant Landscape Krčić River

How to visit the site (Tour proposal)

Tour proposal

The trail along the Krčić is situated in a pleasant environment of the canyon and follows the course of the karst beauty, thus being ideal for cycling and long walks.

  1. Get to Topoljski Waterfall by car, and then take the trail along the river on a bicycle. The section of the trail from Topoljski Waterfall to its end in Suho polje covers 15 kilometres. If you take a break once, the track tour (in both directions) will take about five hours.
  2. It will take you a whole day to walk the complete route. Along the trail there are several spots to take a break, which are ideal for picnics. It is up to you which part of the trail you would like to be your end point. When in the village Krčić, you should take a look at a fountain that will convey the force of water. Do not hesitate to get off the trail as often as you wish in order to see magnificent waterfalls or abandoned water mills.